And those people do not think that they could ever take the best out of their smartphone’s camera. I am talking about the smartphone camera can be used for more relevant and appealing photos. If you need to use your smartphone’s camera for taking better photos, then this post will serve a good basis for you.

Tips for Taking Better Photos With Smartphone Camera?

Tips for Taking Better Photos With Smartphone Camera?

In this I have posted the tips for taking better photos with your smartphone. It does not matter what kind or range of smartphone do you have. This post will definitely helpful for you in producing better photos. These tips are based on my observations and use. I am not a professional camera person but I love to take photos with my smartphone. So, have a look on the tips given below:

How to take better photos with your smartphone?

Avoid Automatic Settings

Yes! The first tip to take better photos using your smartphone is to avoid the automatic settings of your phone’s camera app. The automatic settings no doubt provides good pictures but using the advanced settings of the camera i.e. the bulk of camera features which come with the smartphone, is more relevant to get more of your camera.

Experiment taking different photos with your smartphone by using the advanced features of the camera. You can also read about the specific feature on web or on the user manual of the smartphone to get a proper access on the feature.

It should be noted a proper research on your smartphone’s camera’s features can let you guess the camera’s ability. So, make use of your camera features rather than being deaf and dumb like with just sticking to the automatic settings.

Proper Timing and Environment

It should be noted that in the time of noon, taking photos seem to be useless from any smartphone camera as the huge amount of light causes your phone’s lens to show so much distortion. So, to take photos with your smartphone, you should also think little alike a professional camera shooter.

I mean to say, you should have a significant knowledge about your smartphone’s camera lens capability in various environmental conditions and choose the best time and environment for taking better pictures. For instance, you should take pictures in the morning or in late afternoon. Choosing noon or the nights to take pictures is frustrating.

Use Best Photo Apps

Since, every smartphone brand has its own store of applications; there are a significant number of camera apps which can be helpful in taking better photos with your smartphone. Use the photo apps like Instagram, Cammera Awesome, Camera+, Diptic, Vignette, Camera FV-5 and SnapSeed to enhance the photos taking capacity.

Install some of these camera applications on to your smartphone and then try using the features of these applications after a brief research (about camera app) on the web. The wonderful features of these camera apps can lead to take better photos with your smartphone’s camera.

Avoid Camera Flash

Almost every smartphone comes with the support of flash (LED, XENON and more such types). However, the flashes are artificial lighting which can spoil your photos to a great extent. You must have noticed the yellow skin, the red eyes and distortion in the pictures taken by flash ON in night.

I suggest you to take pictures in some natural light rather than taking them using flash as a flash lose the surrounding details due to its brightness. So on the dark nights, you can use some natural kid of light sources instead of relying upon phone’s flash.

Later you can use some brightness effects using the photo editor tools.

Clean Camera Lens

This is the last but the most and required tip to take better photos with a smartphone. Cleaning is like making your phone’s lens healthy from dirt and the smudges that can often spoil your smartphone’s picture taking quality.

Cleaning should be done with the lens cleaning kit. Sometimes, you do not note dirt on the lens but yet the dirt pertains on it which is the major reason of the users not able to take better photos with smartphone.

So, I suggest everybody to remove the rear cover of the smartphone and then clean the camera lens with a soft cloth and the cleansing solution.

So, guys! I am sure that if you all the above tips in your daily lives, then you will definitely end up taking better photos with your smartphone. If like this post, do spread us on Facebook through your valuable likes and shares.